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Beginning Speed & Agility

Your First Step to Running Better and Getting Faster.

Speed is the foundation for everything, so Beginning Speed & Agility is where all athletes start their journey with Speed Academy. This age-based, 4-week program introduces the athlete to Speed Academy’s development model which has a focus on developing proper running mechanics and force generation techniques.

In our speed development model we initially focus on linear (straight ahead) speed development and then move to lateral (multi-planar/multi-directional) speed development. Throughout this process we are constantly focused on movement quality and core strength with respect to their impact on speed and overall athletic performance.

The Beginning Speed & Agility program trains twice a week on either Monday/Wednesday or Tuesday/Thursday and are 45-60 minute in length.

Next Step: Advanced Speed & Agility

Upon successful completion of Beginning Speed & Agility athletes will advance to the Advanced Speed & Agility program. Learn more.